Alex Meza, Audiovisual Director recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Peru.
His constant analysis of technology and over 10 years of experience in audiovisual productions place him as the benchmark of the audiovisual world with Smartphone in Latin America.
In 2010, he founded Kerigma Films SAC, where he became an Audiovisual Director.
In 2017, he installed Kerigma Films LLC in the United States and registered the brand MobileClamp™ (Brand of audiovisual accessories for Smartphone).
Creates the platform of the virtual store and is positioned as a leader in sales of Audiovisual Accessories for Smartphone.
He is currently the CEO and Founder of Kerigma Films, lecturer and influencer, cataloged as the benchmark for new audiovisual technologies with Smartphone.

Our mission is to generate an audiovisual world that uses innovation as a creative tool. We believe that the concept of making videos does not change, but the format does. We are constantly researching to provide supports that you can use in your productions. We are part of the brands associated with Kerigma Films LLC, based in the USA and Peru. Remember MobileClamp™ puts the audiovisual world in your hands.