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HD Lens MobileClamp 2018 model, is the perfect combination for the videographer or photographer with smartphone, three HD lenses that maximize the resolution of your smartphone’s camera:

1. Wide Angle 4K Aspherical

2 . Super Macro

3. HD 3x telephoto lens with lens hood

The aluminum clip and sponge is perfectly secured to any SmartPhone, the MobileClamp HD lens series comes with case designed exclusively for iPhone 6 / 6plus / 7 / plus / 8/8 plus / X (choose one for your purchase) .

High quality for the most demanding users.


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Lens HD MobileClamp 2018 model, the kit comes with 3 lenses, a clip, an iPhone case (choose between iPhone 8 / 8plus and X), ideal for photographers and videographers looking for a quality similar to the DSRL, the construction of the lens is aluminum with anti-glare glasses, the wide-angle lens has the unique ASPHERICAL technology in lenses for smartphone, the macro lens is considered SUPER macro and the 3X HD telephoto lens with Parasol gives the sensation of a 50 mm lens.

The MobileClamp HD lenses are used for professional recording of videos, short films and video clips, this line is preferred by audiovisual filmmakers, filmmakers and passionate about the technological world.

The presentation is undoubtedly a feature of this series, from the design of the box to the thoughtful design of the lenses.

The MobileClamp Brand provides a solution for lovers of the audiovisual world with smartphone.


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